Whether it is your first pregnancy, or your fifth, Brooke is here to help you reach your personal breastfeeding goals. Her support is available in the Sunshine Pediatrics office or your home. Services range from position and latch issue resolution, gaining confidence, supply increase, pumping concerns and efficacy, prenatal breastfeeding orientation, and helping you navigate your new breastfeeding relationship.


Before Brooke came over, I was a bit of a mess. Thankfully, she added a little bit of magic to our lives. My second baby and I were hitting a wall—I was uncomfortable and in pain. The minute Brooke arrived at my house, I immediately felt supported. She was kind, knowledgeable, and full of love. I can’t express enough how her home visit with me and the little one served as a turning point for us. She had so much great advice and really made sure we were set up for a successful journey. I wanted to hug her a thousand times over. I highly recommend Brooke for general help with lactation support, but especially if you are in the trenches, too.


After an early Saturday morning Google session, I found and called Brooke in a bit of a desperate panic after turning to a couple of other people in the couple days prior. I was about 10 days or so into new motherhood & breastfeeding. She called me back (7am) and we set up to meet that day in just a few hours. She validated my physical pain, my experience, provided reassurance, feedback, and gave me confidence - for the day. I called her shortly after for a home visit where she was able to once again provide assurance, feedback, and restore my confidence. Without a doubt, she is the main, if not only, reason I am still exclusively breastfeeding my almost 4 month old. Thank you Brooke!

~Nicole L.

Being new parents and wanting to provide the best option for our daughter, I reached out to Brooke and explained our issues and how we were about to abandon breastfeeding due to a lot of pain. THE NEXT DAY she drove almost an hour to be in our living room to not only gave us some amazing advice, she found our issues and since she left our daughter has put on weight and all the pain my wife had is gone. We went from crying to relief in less than 24hrs. If you have any issues with lactation, don't give up and give Brooke a call.


Brooke has seriously saved my BF journey from abysmal failure. Because of her help, wealth of knowledge and infinite patience, we persevere. Brooke's passion for her work is so abundantly evident. She has been my biggest cheerleader. She genuinely cares about her clients. I refer anyone and everyone to Brooke (and they thank me later). If you're having BF troubles,



I was feeling that new mom struggle, and on a whim, I asked Brooke last minute for help. She got me right in, and I had an amazing experience. She was so knowledgeable and sweet, and made me feel empowered, equipped, and motivated. This is worth every penny, even if my insurance doesn’t cover it (which it probably will!). I learned so much more than I did at the hospital. She was really welcoming with my husband being there to support me and learn alongside. Everyone should go see Brooke!